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A French phrase that means "deceives the eye." In illuminated manuscripts, painting that results in the illusion of 3-dimensional reality, sometimes with startling outcome. By controlling light-weight and shadow, the illuminator signifies objects like resting on or projecting within the painted area.

A set of compact projections known as finger tabs extending in the fore-edge of a e-book just like a number of ways, bearing a sequence of letters, figures, or other characters, at times printed in opposition to a dim track record, to point out the alphabetic, issue, numeric, or other arrangement of the textual content for speedy reference. Assess with action index and thumb index.

, the plot normally activates the interior workings of technology, approaching science fiction if the technology is speculative (Tom Clancy's

Really skinny light-weight paper produced from virgin or recycled chemical pulp. As a result of its absorbency, tissue paper has several home employs. It is usually employed for wrapping fragile objects.

Within the 1880s, the soaked emulsion was changed by a dry gelatin. Click here to view an instance (Smithsonian Establishment) and listed here to view six far more (University of Texas at Austin). Tintypes were being exhibited in many different mountings. Synonymous with ferrotype

Also refers to the joined set of postage stamps printed the wrong way up in relation to each other (see these illustrations).

Textbook editions are marketed at small price reduction, generally 20 per cent when ordered in amount. Synonymous with textual content version

). Use on the telegram declined with the advent of very affordable prolonged distance telephone service, but Western Union remains to be in small business. Synonymous with cablegram

In facts processing, the period of time that elapses among the initiation of a course of action or operation and its completion. Examine with reaction time.

The simple, unlettered calf or sheepskin binding utilized by booksellers from the fifteenth on the 18th century on textbooks certain ahead of time of sale, versus craft binding executed for each The shopper's instructions. Also made use of synonymously with publisher's binding.

are utilised to monitor temperature and relative humidity in small enclosed Areas, including exhibit conditions, and hygrothermographs

protocol of the web. TCP ensures that the total amount of info (bytes) sent is been given correctly, and IP provides the system for routing the packets of Learn More information comprising a message to the location address as competently as is possible. Just click here To find out more about TCP/IP in

The issue of the book soiled from large use, typically on the perimeters on the sections and/or binding. Assess with Pet dog-eared.

In accordance with Geoffrey Glaister, the 1st finish title webpages appeared in early printed publications all-around 1500 (see this example), and via the late 16th century the decorative alternatives on the title webpage had been totally understood (

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